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Our Workshops

Burnout Prevention, Emotional Intelligence/Leadership and Communication, and Patient Experience

Burnout Prevention in Healthcare: For Administrators and Clinicians

Burnout Prevention in Healthcare: For Administrators and Clinicians is a 2-hour workshop designed to address burnout in healthcare organizations. The workshop teaches participants about the causes of burnout, the signs of burnout, and solutions for burnout from the perspective of a healthcare administrator and a provider. The workshop is extremely interactive and engaging whether virtual or in-person. The virtual workshop uses online polling throughout to help participants develop their own burnout action plan to address their burnout. Participants are also asked to leave their suggestions on improving burnout within their organization on the workshop survey. The data from the survey is collected and shared with organizational leadership in a debrief report. Additionally, we offer solutions based on the feedback provided on the survey.

Burnout Prevention Workshop Objectives

EQ/Leadership Workshop Objectives

Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare: Improve Your Leadership and Communication Skills

Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare: Improve Your Leadership and Communication Skills is a 2-hour interactive workshop delving into improving emotional intelligence, identifying successful leadership styles, optimizing communication, and developing leadership skills. Our workshops are fun and educational. This workshop provides participants with activities to develop their emotional intelligence, leadership, and communication. The workshop is based on the principles of the DISC Assessment and can be customized to help organizations revitalize their culture to prevent burnout and improve job satisfaction amongst their employees. This workshop is unique in that it is specifically designed for healthcare organizations and healthcare leadership.

The Science of Patient Experience

The Science of Patient Experience is a 2-hour interactive workshop focused on teaching healthcare providers strategies to convey empathy, social psychology/behavioral economics and the patient experience, and diffusing aggressive patients. The workshop offers participants concrete examples from provider experiences as well as psychological research to provide techniques to healthcare providers in order to elevate the patient experience. The workshop demonstrates how optimizing the patient experience is key to improving patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. If your organization is invested in generating more referrals, improving patient retention, and maximizing clinical outcome, this is the workshop for you!

Patient Experience Workshop Objectives

In addition to our workshops, check out our Patient Experience Page for more info on our patient experience training programs. To learn more about our workshops or to book our workshops for your healthcare organization, schedule a Zoom chat with us, we would love to speak with you!